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"A cataclysmic set by IMPERIUM sets the tone as they smash out rigorous thrash to a sea of flailing limbs" 
- Metal Hammer magazine


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Crushing heavy metal, rumbling groove, the whip of thrash and strong gravelly vocals all thrown together with unforgettable melodies… to put it simply, IMPERIUM have mastered a classic thrash metal sound with a perfectly represented modern touch! 

Carved from the streets of London UK, IMPERIUM are the ambitious heavy/thrash metal band you have to hear. With their first EP and defined sound taking them to Bloodstock festival after winning London’s Metal 2 the Masses in 2022, the band is hungry to show the world their sound

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Live band of the year 2023
Band of the year 2023
Album/EP of the year 2023
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"There’s the inevitable groove that underpins the song, whilst Ben Porter’s powerful vocals soar above. The engine room is driven with an energy that surprises, James Hawes drumming on point throughout as he anchors the song with ease. There’s a couple of blistering lead breaks from Hardip Sagoo, whilst Scott Lomas and Rapha Comes keep the rhythm moving. Add to that Porter’s strong cleans edged with that distinctive rasp, and you’ve got a winning combination. "

-- UK Thrashers

"The music really gives you that feeling of being at battle at sea with a choppy, edgy feel to it, but it’s the song’s mid-section where it really takes off with a cool tempo change. Guitarists Scott Lomas and Hardip Sagoo churn out driving melodic riffs over the solid foundation of rhythm section of Ralph Comes (bass) and James Hawes (drums). This is where Porter really comes into his own, his soaring, powerful voice is full of emotion as he bellows out his message, "

-- The Razors Edge



upcoming gigs

When Kings Meet 

UK Tour

March - May 2024

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And thank you all for your support!

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Available to watch on Quest TV

Live gig review: Coalville Metal Invasion (Jul 22)

"One of the bands very much anticipated was London M2TM winners Imperium. This band has been on the radar of thrash fans for some time now, and with their new EP due to drop in around a month this was a moment of some anticipation. Imperium demonstrated exactly why they have stormed to the New Blood Stage with an assured, confident, and polished set which saw one of the biggest crowds of the weekend. With Ben Porter unable to restrain ripping his shirt off and diving in the mosh pit, this was a mere appetiser to their set at BOA on the Saturday and confirmed why they are probably on most thrash fans list of must sees at the festival"

Paul Hutchings, The Razors Edge

Live gig review: The Fighting Cocks (Aug 22)

"We get a real celebration of heavy metal. It was really good to see them take that gig by the scruff of the neck and demanded everyone's attention, it was great. They've shown they can make that step up to the bigger leagues, I think we're gonna see Imperium on the bigger stages, and rightly so. I think there's something very special about this band. In a live setting, they've got the songs, they've got the togetherness, they've got the unity - I'm a fan, I felt compelled to get down into the pit once those riffs were going"

- TTMAOTFC #106 Part 10

Live gig review: Bloodstock Open Air (Aug 22)

"Heavy, riffs for days, chock full of groove and causing a bit of a merch rush at the end, London’s Metal to the Masses winners were on another level. Surpassing bands on bigger stages in higher slots, these guys blew us away. Not just us either, the chatter about Imperium still hours after their set was everywhere we looked. They made a ton of new fans, Including us. They were amazing."

- Carl Fisher, GBHBL

Live gig review: Bloodstock Open Air (Aug 22)

"They were excellent. It's hard to put into words how much I enjoyed Imperium..... I loved it. 
As a front man, [Ben] had presence, he had energy, he had a strong voice. Great guitarist as well. Imperium absolutely owned it, really, really impressed by them"

- Carl and Brendan, GBHBL (at 39.30 mins)








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